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Frequently Asked Questions




How do I list a truck for sale?

Call or e-mail our office. One of our friendly representatives will assist you.

Ask us to provide a free estimate at no obligation

Do you take trade-ins ?

Our trucks are still owned by the selling departments. Many are still in service . The selling dept. can’t take your truck in trade but we can market it for you or we may be able to arrange for an affiliated company to make you an offer. Ask your AFE representative for details.

Why should we list with Adirondack instead of a competitor?  

Adirondack will get the highest possible price for your surplus apparatus. We provide personal service through all stages of the sale.  Our company will assign an experienced local representative to your department to assist you. We help with preparing the listing, qualifying buyers, transfer of title, etc. Let us take the stress out of selling your vehicle so you can get back to your other duties. 

Our inventory is small enough so that your apparatus will not get lost in the crowd.

Should I put our truck up for auction ?

Auctions can sell your truck fast but you may receive far less than it’s true value. Many potential buyers can’t meet the requirements of an auction.

Should we trade our truck in? 

New apparatus salespeople usually do not like to be burdened with a trade-in.  They will have to take ownership to it and then try to resell it.  You can expect to get less than 50% of it’s real worth.

How soon before our new truck is delivered should we list the old truck for sale ?

You should list your truck for sale at least 120 days before it will be taken out of service.  This gives ample time to locate a buyer, arrange inspection , financing and delivery.




How do we know that the truck we buy will last ?

You can’t know for sure but you can improve your chances greatly by having it checked by a mechanic and inspecting maintenance records.   You should be sure that the pump and aerial device have been inspected and certified within the previous 12 months.  Check the undercarriage for rust.

Do you provide financing ?

Adirondack does not provide financing however we can recommend several leasing companies that can help you.   Payments can be tailored to meet your requirements.

 Do you give a warranty ?

We do not own the trucks advertised on our website so we can’t warranty them.

Can you  deliver ?

Adirondack does not deliver but we can provide estimates from one or more reliable truckers.